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Classroom 15 Year 5/6 Tanya Allen & Karen Johnston


STEM Challenges

Posted on by Tanya Allen

In Room 15 we have been spending our afternoons completing some fun STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) tasks. All groups have cooperated and collaborated so well, and there have been a lot of successful outcomes. The tasks have included ‘the paper clip challenge’ where students have to make a chain of up to 100 paper clips that then attaches to a cup with a weight inside, if the chain holds without breaking then the task was successful! Another task was ‘the paper chain challenge’ where groups were given one sheet of A3 paper and a roll of tape, they then had to make as many paper loops as they could within the 20 minutes given and attach them to make a giant chain…the longest chain so far is 65 loops long! It has been awesome seeing the learners all getting on so well and each contributing to the task they were doing. Awesome work Room 15!

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Tanya Allen & Karen Johnston

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