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Classroom 15 Year 5/6 Tanya Allen & Karen Johnston


Designing a zoo

Posted on by Tanya Allen

For the past week in Maths Room 15 have been designing their own zoos. They were asked to work in twos or threes to plan and map out the blueprints of their zoo design, and use their knowledge of area and perimeter to work out the exact measurements required for each enclosure. Each animal needed a certain area size, two animals needed more. Each group needed to budget which animals they wanted in their zoo within their $1,000 allowance and carefully consider the location for each enclosure. They also needed to consider the needs and wants of the visitors that would come to the zoo, such as restrooms and cafes. Everyone worked really well together and seemed to have a lot of fun designing their unique zoos! Great work Room 15!

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Tanya Allen & Karen Johnston

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