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Classroom 7 Year 2 Julia Dorgan


Thinking Hats Thinking

Posted on by Julia Dorgan

We have been using Edward De Bono’s “Six Thinking Hats” to help us understand and use different types of thinking. We used the Yellow and Black Hats to come up with our different points of view at Writing time. Here are just some of the ideas we wrote about.

We should have Coke in our drinking fountains instead of water. What do you think?

I think that we should not have Coke in our drinking fountains because some people don’t like Coke and they won’t have anything to drink.

Also, if you have a white Tee shirt it could stain it and you don’t want that, do you?

Some parents don’t like their kids drinking Coke because if they drink too much they might have a candy rush. Also, it makes you sneeze.

It can make holes in your teeth and that would be terribly bad.

Black Hat Thinking by Charli

A dinosaur would be a great pet. What do you think?

I think that a dinosaur would be horrible because it would smash and crush all of the buildings. Also, I think a carnivore would eat you or your neighbours. Next, a dinosaur would be horrible because if you get a brontosaur, when you take it for a walk it would eat all of the plants.

Also, I think a dinosaur that lives in the sea would be annoying because you would have to go to the pool every day.

Lastly a dinosaur would be a bad pet for me because it would cost too much money for its food.

Black Hat Thinking by Isla

I think a dinosaur would be a disaster because it would destroy your house with its tail. When you take it to the park it could destroy the park.

When you take it to the movies it could be too loud and when you take it to school it could be a disaster for the school.

Black Hat Thinking by Mia

I think that a dinosaur would be a great pet so that I can fly on my dinosaur’s back and it will be so much fun.

Next, I can go to the shop with my dinosaur and it can go in the shop with me. I can get a dinosaur bone for my dinosaur and it can go on a walk with me. I can teach my dinosaur to catch the ball. It can go to the pool with me and we can swim in the pool together.

Yellow Hat Thinking by Jessica

We Should Ban Fireworks. What do you think?

I think that fireworks are great because they blast up high into the sky. They also make very cool patterns, and they get cut in half and that reminds me about symmetry.

They make loud noises and they explode up high in the sky to celebrate Diwali for India. If we didn’t have fireworks New Zealand won’t have Guy Fawkes night or India have Diwali.

That’s why I want to keep fireworks because they are very entertaining.

Yellow Hat Thinking by Ethan

I think that we should ban fireworks because my dog is terrified of them and they can really hurt people.

The fire fighters don’t like them because sparks go onto dry grass and can start a fire too.

Black Hat Thinking by Emilie

Would you like a Magic Flying Pony, a Magic Wand or a Robot?

I would like a magical pony because the pony can go to Australia. I would see some animals and then go to the swimming pool.

Yellow Hat Thinking by Alyssa

I would like a magic wand so that I could help my family to make them happy. I would surprise my family with presents and I would make dinner for my family. I would make $1000 dollars so that I can go to Australia and make more friends. I could make my bird come to Australia too.

Yellow Hat Thinking by Maia

I would like a robot so that I could drive it to school. It would have lots of equipment. It would have two pins that could screw to its thumbs the he would put one in his mouth and one on the ground. I would have headphones with a cable and a pin attached to it so that I could contact people with it. It would also have a laser attachment.

Yellow Hat Thinking by Marlon

I would like a magic wand so that I could do magic shows and get lots of visitors and they can watch my performances.

It could make days go faster to get to Christmas and my birthday quicker.

It could help others by making them not be sick any more or I could use it so that they disappear and then they appear at the hospital.

I could use it to make wishes so my cousins could come to my house.

I could use it for celebrations like Diwali and Guy Fawkes night.

I could use magic on myself and I could go to different countries and speak different languages.

I could be invisible and disappear and people will go through me.

Yellow Hat Thinking by Reuben

The Blue Thinking Hat helps you to make plans and “think about thinking”. On Friday we had the ingredients and utensils, but needed to put our Blue thinking hat on to make a tasty toasted sandwich.

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