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Classroom 7 Year 2 Julia Dorgan


Room 7 Happenings Term 2

Posted on by Julia Dorgan


Room 7 has been very busy. At the start of the term we continued to work on our skipping skills at P.E time and made huge developments skipping on the long rope and independently too.

For Mothers’ Day we wrote about how special our mothers are to us. We read the story “My Mum” and heard how Anthony Browne had a special way of using words to put a picture in his readers’ minds. We included similes in our writing too. At the Junior assembly Mia, Isla and Steven shared their writing.

My Mum is special because she helps me ride my bike. She makes scrumptious food and walks me to school and takes me to the movies. She reads me stories and helps me with my Homework. She takes me to the super market and kisses me good night when I am very sleepy.

My Mum looks beautiful because she has eyes as dark as chocolate and has a super friendly smile. She loves the colour blue and likes to wear her brown scarf. She is as soft as a kitten when she hugs me.

By Steven

My Mum is special because she helps me do my Homework because it is hard. She also helps me clean my room and she takes me to the library to choose a book to read.

My mum looks as beautiful as a butterfly and has a smile filled with love. She has eyes as blue as the sky and she has blonde hair, just like me!

My Mum is the best Mum in the whole world!

 By Isla

My Mum is special because she looks after me and she watches me ride my bike. Also, she makes the best potato and rice.

My Mum looks beautiful because she has a beautiful dress and she has a beautiful smile.

My Mum makes me feel Tino Pai !

By Mia

In Maths we have been learning to read, write and make Fractions. We can see that fractions are all around us and have been in our lunch boxes everyday!

On Wednesdays we take the Science Box and follow the instructions to try different experiments. We work co-operatively with our science partner and carefully observe what is happening.

We have also been working on writing our own instructions. Keily and Reuben shared their good clear instructions about “How to Brush Your Teeth”. W.A.L.That instructions use verbs and adverbs that tell you what to do and how to do it.

 Reading and following instructions has been part of our Reading programme too. Two groups worked together and independently followed the recipe to make a “Happy Cake” while the rest of the class wrote, then followed instructions of how to make ‘Tooth Fairy Bread!”


Throughout the term we have been working on the theme of “Generosity”. The stories of Kiri and her family inspired us to make a  beautiful Tivaevae quilt. W.A.L.That generosity means giving and sharing, while expecting nothing in return.


As we continue the term we are striving to be generous with our things, time, knowledge and aroha.



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