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Classroom 7 Year 1/2 Julia Dorgan


Our Busy Term 2

Posted on by Julia Dorgan

Another busy term in Room 7 has whizzed by. Our first major Inquiry topic was about how to grow a strong “Growth Mindset”. This can help us in all areas. We talked about the challenges of doing new things and how there are ways to help us to be resilient and keep moving forward.
We put this into action as we learnt how to skip, run for the Cross Country and now as we work on football skills at P.E. time.
We also looked at “growth” in a different way as we watched our wheat and bean seeds germinate and develop. We noticed that plant seeds take time and grow at different speeds – just like people!
At Maths time we have continued to work on Number Knowledge and also on an interesting unit about Fractions. We learnt that a fraction is a part of a group, shape or number and that fractions are all around us. Fractions also helped us with our Basic Facts and the learning of Doubles and Halves. We finished this unit by enjoying some tasty fairy bread that we made and divided into equally sized pieces – fractions!
Dog safety, Fire safety and Water safety have been our latest Inquiry. We have learnt lots of very valuable things that we were able to talk about with our friends and whanau.
At Writing time, we wrote instructions to share these safety messages. We want everyone to know how to prevent accidents from happening and what to do if they are caught in an emergency situation.

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