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Classroom 7 Year 2 Julia Dorgan


Butterfly Classroom

Posted on by Julia Dorgan


Room 7’s Butterfly Adventures

 Over the past ten days we have been excitedly watching the green chrysalises of our Monarch  butterflies turn see through. On Wednesday while we were doing our reading groups, Mason noticed that our first butterfly was wriggling out of its chrysalis. 

As the butterfly emerged its wings were crumpled so it hung there for a while and pumped them with fluid. Then we had to wait for its wings to dry.  We saw little drops of water fall onto the special net our butterfly was in.

The butterfly was beautiful. It had orange and black patterns and white spots.

We could gently let it sit on our fingers and it didn’t fly away. It felt very light and really tickly.

One day later George noticed that the second butterfly was coming out of its chrysalis and we watched it do the same thing.

We didn’t see our first two butterflies flutter away because they were not strong enough for flight until it was the evening and we were at home having dinner.

We have one last chrysalis to go. We think it may change and be see through after the weekend. We hope that we can all watch this last butterfly fly away.

We have had fun watching the caterpillars change colour and their metamorphosis into beautiful Monarch butterflies.

On Friday we made paper butterflies for our fingers and we cut and painted symmetrical butterflies to go on the window.

Written by all of Room 7

Can you recognize who is holding our first new butterfly ? It was quite tricky to take photographs while trying to gently pass it around.

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