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Classroom 7 Year 2 Julia Dorgan


Budgie Visitors

Posted on by Julia Dorgan

A couple of weeks ago Grace brought her budgie in for  a classroom visit. Grace told us, “He is called Kareem because he has a little basketball hoop and Kareem was a famous basketball player”. She also explained how she looks after him and the different things he had in his cage. ” He normally tweets when he is at home” she told us. Charlotte loved his blue colour and black spots. Ryan liked his feathers because he looked very handsome. Hunter liked to see his toys and watching him dance.

Grace explained to Maya that he can climb onto her finger and he is soft to touch.

Today Mason brought his budgie called Kowhai in for news. Otis knew that kowhai is the Maori word for yellow. “Kowhai is just a little girl bird, she is like a child” explained Mason. Mason has had her since his last birthday. Mason showed us the different feathers in Kowhai’s cage and Felix and Jade watched her preen her feathers to clean herself.

Mason told Kris that Kowhai had a sore wing. Savanah really liked seeing the birds. Poseidon was interested to hear about the food that the budgies eat. Azaylia loved their colours.

Written by Room 7

P.S Butterfly Update… Overnight our last butterfly emerged from its chrysalis and in the morning we were able to watch it fly away


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