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Classroom 7 Year 2 Julia Dorgan


A Happy Term

Posted on by Julia Dorgan

We have had a very busy and productive term. We started the year by writing our new Class Treaty. We linked this to hearing about the Treaty of Waitangi and why this is so special to Aotearoa.
We know that there are lots of cultures and heritages that make up New Zealand and really enjoyed activities that celebrated the Chinese New Year. We shared where our whanau are from to answer the question “No hea koe?” We are learning our letterbox numbers and street names.
We are learning that having jobs to do empowers the growth of our Self- Management and Responsibility. We were very keen to undertake our new monitors jobs and wrote about the things we need to do. Now the term is nearly over, we look forward to having a new responsibility for Term 2.
We are “The Butterfly” class – with caterpillars and butterflies painted on our classroom number. Every year we watch with amazement the wonder of metamorphosis. This year we waited for just one little butterfly to emerge from its chrysalis. We did lots of butterfly writing and wonderful butterfly art to decorate our windows. We are learning about how “Wow” words help to make our writing interesting and used them for our Hungry Caterpillar writing. We also captioned our butterfly photos and wrote to describe the Life Cycle of a Butterfly.
Here is just a small sample.

One hot day a starving caterpillar sucked and chomped a delicious sweet lollipop. But he was still hungry!

One hot day my famished family friend who is a little baby, bit and sucked a hard, creamy, strawberry ice block. But he was still hungry!

One spooky dark night a ravenous monster munched and bit a crunchy, slimy, fly enchilada. But he was still hungry!

By Miles

One hot day a starving caterpillar gobbled and devoured a delicious strawberry pizza. But he was still hungry!

One hot day a famished baby boy nibbled and munched a crisp, sweet chocolate chip cookie. But he was still hungry!

One spooky dark night a ravenous monster munched and slurped wiggly, slimy snail cake.

By Marlee

First a butterfly lays an egg on a leaf.

Then a caterpillar comes out of its egg and then it eats a lot of leaves.

It goes into a chrysalis then the chrysalis turns see through.

When it’s warm, the new butterfly comes out of its chrysalis.

This is metamorphosis. By Andrew

First a butterfly lays an egg on a leaf.

Then a caterpillar hatches out of its egg. It eats the leaves.

The caterpillar gets bigger and bigger and bigger and fatter too!

Then the caterpillar turns upside down in the chrysalis.

About two weeks later the new butterfly hatches out of the chrysalis.

By Kayden

A sample of our photo captions:

Our butterfly is hanging on the net.

We used a net because then children can see the butterfly before it flies away. Eliyah

Our butterfly is sitting on a pink net.

You can see its legs and antenna. It is in the net so it won’t fly away. Lucas

I am painting a caterpillar made from cardboard.

We had a swan plant and there was a caterpillar on it but it hatched out of the chrysalis then we took it outside to let it flutter away to lay some more eggs. Kora

When I came to class I saw that the butterfly was on the white net.

There was watermelon put out and some sugar water too, this was so the butterfly could stay healthy before we let it go. Heidi

I am holding our Monarch Butterfly outside by our classroom when it came out of the chrysalis.

It felt very light. Harlon

We have also been working hard on our School Values, Reading, Maths, P.E, Braingym, Handwriting… and lots more. We also have time to choose activities and work independently or in a team.

As you can see it has been a very busy term!

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