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Classroom 12 Year 3 Anna Sissons


Brain-break Games

Posted on by Anna Sissons

To give our brains a bit of a rest after lots of hard work, Room 12 have been learning heaps of fun brain-break games! One of our favourites is the chair beanbag game where we all (carefully!) stand on a chair and throw a mini beanbag around the class – we particularly like the hot potato rounds! Lots of the games we have learnt use the mini beanbags and these allow us to practice our throwing and catching skills. Some of the games are also accompanied by songs and music, which helps to develop our rhythm and timing. Another crowd favourite is the puppet master game. For this game, we work with a buddy and take turns being the puppet master. When you are the puppet master, you use your hands to show the movements that you want your buddy to do. It’s pretty funny to look around the room and see puppet masters trying to work out how to get their buddy to do the floss!

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