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Tawhai School




February 25 2018

One week down, three to go.  We are on track for a 16 March completion date.  No complications have arisen.

Thank you everyone that is working with us to keep the Tawhai Community safe.


  • Please do not stop/park over yellow lines or in people’s driveways – we have police monitoring the area this week
  • Please ensure your child uses the Horoeka Street crossing if they need to cross the Street at any point on Horoeka Street or on Glen Road.
  • Please do not u-turn or 3 point turn on Horoeka St the passage way is simply too narrow
  • Please allow passage ways for buses
  • Please always follow the Road around on Horoeka Street by turning off on Maru St, Tawhai St and onto Glen Rd. Please consider the reverse option too if you wish to park on the school side on Horoeka Street.
  • Wherever possible please use the designated areas assigned to year groups in our first notice – with the exception to the NEW drop off/pick up zone on Glen Rd.

We want to reduce as much congestion off Horoeka Street as we can.

  • We have written to Valley Flyer and asked that their buses reduce speed in the Glen and pause when entering Horoeka St to navigate their passage way. Most buses were doing this later in the week
  • We have written to all rubbish and recycling collectors and asked them to collect between 10am and 2pm or after 4pm. This was achieved this week.
  • We have spoken to Wellington Police and our Community Constable about the risks drivers are taking in the area, especially drivers parking on yellow lines, over and in driveways, ushering children across the Street when a crossing is nearby, failing to give way and drivers general speed. They will be coming out this week.
  • We have had the Council come out and inspect our Glen Rd pick up/drop off zone and together we are looking for/working through solutions.

As of Monday 26 February we will now have 4 people assisting pedestrians on Glen Rd, Horoeka Cnr and Hawthorn Cres. They will be there from 8.20 – 9am and 2.55 to 3.20pm. We want to ensure all children  cross the Street as safely as possible. Please ask children to not cross the road anywhere if an adult in a High Vis Vest is in sight. (Sorry but this also includes adults walking with children). If the adult wearing the High Vis is on the opposite side of the road then the adult will walk over to them, if they can see them, to help them cross the road safely.

If you see adults wearing High Vis Vests it’s their job to ensure traffic is clear and children can cross safely. We are not stopping traffic but instead indicating to traffic in the distance that we have children crossing.  On the Horoeka Cnr if you arrive and High Vis wearers are standing in the Street please just pause until we are on the footpath again. Please also take a extra moment to check cars coming from both ways (give way), before turning into Glen Rd.

We appreciate the impact our entrance closure is having on the area. Please know that we have been planning this project for 4 years and it could simply not be achieved over the summer holidays.  It was/is an 11 week project. The car park was built first because we could not put 150 truckloads of debris and materials (The load of it), onto our new driveway. Nor could we have 150 trucks coming through Horoeka Street outside the summer holidays.  Our Contractor worked throughout summer to ensure the car park was completed by the first day of term.  Proudly this was achieved.

If you have any concerns please email

If you are reading this message via a Facebook post please note comments will not be responded to.

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