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Tawhai School


Tui Glen Enviro Group Visits Tawhai School


August 10 2019

We were delighted to have a visit from the Tui Glen Enviro Group on Thursday Afternoon. They were very interested in how Ross McKinnon and the Tawhai Enviro Group operated, how much the students did, how they assisted with planting on the day, and how Ross managed the group. All the students rotate around so that not only do they get to experience different aspects of gardening, they also take turns in leading the groups too.
Our visitors were very taken with our composting system, also how our worm farm was going and how much worm wee was being produced.
The children got to know each other a little better as they worked side by side, whether it was weeding in the veggie garden, or planting a greengage tree and a plum tree, funded by the Stokes Valley Community Trust as extensions to the orchard.
The children also planted a Kowhai Tree which was kindly donated by Mrs Lorna Hewitt.
The children all enjoyed a short time playing together at the playground before our visitors had to leave. Tui Glen Enviro Group have very extended a warm invitation to the Tawhai Group to come and visit their school later on this term which we look forward to.