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Tawhai School




December 3 2019

This coming Friday 6 December, we are completing a full school evacuation drill, following the process to be used in the case of a real emergency. Please ensure you have completed your Emergency Contact form and returned it to school – remember that this form should name people other than parents/caregivers who could collect your child if you were unable to in an emergency.
1. During the afternoon of Friday 6 December your child’s primary caregiver will receive a text message, email or Facebook alert indicating the school is shutting and
all students need to be safely collected. It is up to the person receiving the information to then organise who does the pick up. If you are not in a position to receive these notifications, please carry out the collection of your child after 2.15pm.
2. All children will need to be signed out on this afternoon. No children will be released as usual at 3 pm to make their own way home. We want to make the practise as authentic as possible.
3. The collection of your child will require a controlled administrative process. Upon arrival, you will be directed to your child’s collection area. Your name will be checked
against the list of authorised people on the student’s emergency contacts list. The student is marked as leaving, with the name of the person collecting, time of
collection, and the address the children will be going to. You will need to line-up and wait to have these details recorded and then leave the school with your child(ren).
4. Children will only be released to people that are listed on your child’s emergency contact list. No child will be allowed to leave with any other person unless they are on the contacts list, or we have written permission to that effect, or
the school has been able to contact you to gain permission. This is for the safety of your child.
We thank you for your support with this.