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Tawhai School


The Year 6 Leaver’s Dinner


December 16 2016

The Year 6 Leaver’s Dinner was an absolutely splendid way for our gorgeous students to come together, enjoy food, have fun and to celebrate the end of their time at Tawhai School! The evening started off with a blessing from Noah Pikari and Orlando Bonica, before everyone tucked into a hearty meal and dessert, thanks to the wonderful parents who provided the dishes and drank their lemonade out of wine glasses. Our M.C for the evening was Ollie May who did an amazing job introducing our speakers for the evening. Angela Whitmarsh spoke on behalf of the Board of Trustees, Charlotte Whitmarsh gave us her thoughts about her Tawhai years. Kerenza McMillan, an ex Tawhai student told us all about the great things she has been doing since she left Tawhai in 2012 and reminded the students that they were very lucky to get a meal, it didn’t happen when she was at Tawahi! After Mrs Boese and Mrs Poole gave their speeches, it was straight onto the awards ceremony. After the ceremony, a photo power point was shown of all 48 students, most had baby and 5 year photos had manage to provide me with baby photos and some 5 year old ones, so everyone had a lot of fun trying to guess who the baby was! There was some great music to dance to as well. We have to give a huge THANK YOU to the following people. Apologies if I have missed anyone out!
Mrs Boese for all the hard work and effort that she put into making the dinner such a success. Lisa Small for the awesome candy cane card holders.
Mary Klee, Sharon Marshall, Sarah Gray, Davinia Dearmer, Nancy Staples and Phoenix Dearmer for sterling work in the kitchen, getting all the food ready, and having to deal with the massive clear up afterwards.
Ash Dearmer for being our D.J.
Reece Lewis for being our photographer for the evening and taking such awesome shots!
The RSA for letting us use their venue. It’s a great place!
In the next few days, I will endeavour to convert the power point so that it goes on the website, however I will not be publishing it on facebook. I am exploring other options such as sharing with people on google drive, or if you would like to bring in a memory stick to the office with your name attached, I will happily copy it for you. Contact me at:

The Certificates & Trophies